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Anushka Sharma launched the inaugural issue of 'Women's Health' magazine transparent top photos stills

Anushka Sharma white shortsAnushka Sharma launched the inaugural issue of 'Women's Health' magazine

Anushka Sharma shortsAnushka Sharma wardrobe malfunction

Anushka Sharma unveiled the inaugural issue of Women's Health (Indian Edition) in Mumbai last evening. Dressed in an all white Zara ensemble with tan suede tassel loafers the actor was quite candid as she responded to media queries on her lean frame, bikinis, item songs, upcoming Yash Chopra film, Ranveer Singh and lots more. 
Anushka Sharma Launches Women's Health India MagazineUS-based Rodale Inc, has partnered with India Today Group to present world’s fastest growing magazine's 27th edition in India. Their first issue has Anushka Sharma showing off her toned body in a bandeau bikini, Diesel jacket and D&G shorts. The press conference was also attended by fitness expert Leena Mogre and Sanghamitra Chakraborty, Editor, Women’s Health India. 
We live in a country where a star's six pack abs and another's size zero figure make front page headlines. Given the nation's obsession with every star's weight loss/gain, diet, workout regime and beauty routine; Women's Health looks to present celebrities' fitness secrets along with tips for a 'Healthier and Fitter life' through their monthly issues. 

 "FIT IS THE NEW SEXY," the magazine tagline screams. For me personally, I think a lot of people these days have a distorted perception of what is being healthy. Everyone seems to equate being fit and healthy with being skinny and a lot of negative stereotypes are attached to being overweight. I'd really like to see Women's Health highlight these misconceptions and build a body acceptance movement.
The India Today group launched the very first issue of Women's Health magazine (India edition) this month in partnership with the US-based Rodale Inc, the publishers of Women's Health magazine across 26 countries. With a tag line ‘Fit is the New Sexy’, the Indian edition has been positioned to appeal to the sensibilities of the new generation of contemporary, confident and ambitious young Indian woman in the age group of 20s and 30s – who is looking for a resource that helps her achieve her potential, her passions and her personal best! Women’s Health has been a reservoir of health, fitness and style for women the world over. The 27th international edition, Women’s Health India continues to match the exacting standards set by its cousins around the world. I must say this was a magazine that was much needed to be launched in this country and I am happy that it finally has!

The content in the Indian edition can be defined in two parts broadly- one 'Healthier and Fitter life' that includes health, fitness, nutrition and weight loss, the other 'Upgrading your Life', which includes beauty, style, sex, relationships and life skills. The cover stories of the magazine will typically be Bollywood celebs’ success secrets, fitness and diet regimes and their beauty secrets.
Anushka Sharma graces the cover of the launch issue in her super fit avatar and also launched the magazine.
anushka sharma malfunction wardrobe

anushka sharma wardrobe malfunction
Accompanying her at the launch were fitness expert Leena Mogre and the Editor of Women's Health India, Sanghamitra Chakraborty. 
Sanghamitra Chakraborty said “Today women are more independent and are in the forefront of the change. Women’s Health India is a magazine that speaks its mind without being judgmental. Our boldness, sense of humour and honesty is exactly what women want - they appreciate easy, smart, fun choices, not suggestions for unrealistic life changes.”

Anushka answered loads of questions that were thrown at her. The most sensible advice that she gave was not to try to be like her or Deepika or Priyanka, but to follow what is right for your own body type. She also reinstated something that I believe in - It is important to eat every few hours since it increase our metabolic rate whereas our body tends to store whatever it gets as fat if we starve it.

anushka sharma transparent images

anushka sharma transparent stills

anushka sharma transparent photosanushka sharma transparent pics

anushka sharma transparent braanushka sharma transparent top

Anushka Sharma white hotAnushka Sharma Unveils Women's Health Issue

Anushka Sharma Unveils Women's Health Issue

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